September 10, 2002 - "Doll House"

It must be every little girl's dream. Here's a lady who lives in a doll house.

Carolyn holds the porcelain likeness of an Irish colleen in her hands. "I really like the music boxes," she says. "I started with music box dolls. See her beautiful red hair? Most Irish ladies had either black hair or mostly red hair."

The Irish dolls come out in March. This one is playing "Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral" as we speak.

Carolyn holds up a red-robed angel with silver wings. "She was a Christmas doll several years ago for the Franklin Mint." Carolyn has dolls for all occasions. Sitting on her staircase, surrounded by dozens of porcelain brides, she says, "The ladies always saw the wedding dolls. I probably keep these here longer than any because I try to do it during the time when weddings are very popular."

So all summer long Carolyn's staircase is a bridal showcase. But come September, Carolyn tells visitors that the brides have left on their honeymoon, and she brings out the dolls dressed in the rust, yellow and brown of autumn. They'll be there till Thanksgiving.

Carolyn's house is wall-to-wall dolls, fine bisque porcelain collectible dolls. And she loves to share them, which brings us to that staircase -- a very public staircase which you walk right by on your way to the chicken and dumplings at the Dinner Bell restaurant in McComb, Mississippi.

"We get excited at the pleasure that it brings to people through our stairwell and through the years," says the collector. Jackie Kennedy is on the stairs along with two princesses, Grace of Monaco and Diana, Princess Of Wales. And Princess Carolyn, who shares her dolls with the world.