September 9, 2002 - "Why Did The Goose Herd The Deer?"

Here's a follow-up story which solves a mystery. You might recall the unusual critter we met at Global Wildlife Center a few weeks back, a goose with strange habits.

As Christina Cooper of Global Wildlife explained it at the time, "He actually herds the deer. I've talked to a couple of goose experts, and they seem to think it's a maternal instinct. Because this deer doesn't have any goslings of its own, it has bonded with the deer."

Other than that, the behavior of this goose was a total mystery to everyone -- until Jerilyn Wild of Independence saw him on TV. It was her goose. The goose used to live in and around the pond on her farm. He was constantly herding and protecting the baby ducks around the pond, even the puppies when the adult dog was playing a little too rough. But one night the goose's mate was attacked and killed. The goose was despondent.

Jerilyn went to Global Wildlife hoping to adopt one of their geese, but that's against the rules. So she selflessly donated her goose to Global Wildlife, and soon the goose was up to its old tricks. Which brings us to something else Christina told us on that original visit. "The goose does not have a name, but we would love to have you name it. In fact, I think we might name it Tumey."

Well, the goose did already have a name. Meet Dudley. But Jerilyn says "Tumey D" sounds like a great name to her. And that is an honor! The Wilds say they miss Dudley -- or Tumey D -- around the farm, but they are happy that he can now roam with other geese.