Task Force Going Door To Door To Gather Information

In an effort to gain more information in the hunt for the Baton Rouge serial killer the task force will be going door to door talking to residents of the Southdowns area from South Acadian at Perkins to the Baton Rouge beach. WAFB Crime Team Reporter Shauna Sanford was there at the police command post and has details.

The police command post is set up at the South Baton Rouge Beach on Stanford. The sheriff's department has also set up a command post on the corner of Perkins and South Acadian near Stanford. The most important thing police would like the public to know is this is not a manhunt. The task force is not looking for the serial killer in the Stanford area, rather they are preparing to go door to door to talk to the neighbors to gather information.

Corporal Mary Ann Godawa with the Baton Rouge Police Department explains this phase of the investigation is to gather as much information from people in the areas where both Gina Wilson Green and Charlotte Murray Pace lived before they were murdered.  Both women lived on Stanford, just three houses apart. Green lived at 2151 Stanford and Pace lived at 2107 Stanford. Green was strangled to death inside her home on Saturday, September 23, 2001. Although Pace was killed in her new home on Sharlo May 31, 2002, she had moved from her house on Stanford just two days earlier.

It is important to remember that the profile says the killer obtained limited information about the women, putting himself in a position to observe and casually run into them before he attacked and killed. Godawa says they want to find out as much as possible what neighbors might have seen or heard. In order to do that, she says they will be talking with residents and joggers in the area. The task force also has a table set up with several examples of the Rawling shoe the serial killer wore when he killed his victims.