September 4, 2002 - "Dow Chemical Plantation House"

Here's a chance to tour a plantation home which has been called one of Louisiana's best kept secrets. What might surprise you about this turn of the century plantation home is its location.

Andrew Gay built his home near Plaquemine in 1910. Today this Victorian era elegance is literally part of the Dow Chemical plant.

"The sun room is a wonderful conversation area," says tour guide Sallye Troxclair, as she leads the visitor into a bright sunlit room. "The Serebend rug makes a nice conversation piece."

The home was here when Dow bought the property in 1956. They had a choice -- keep it or level it. They kept it. In 1970 they restored the old home and did even more work on it in 1987.

"We're now in the mezzanine area of the house," says Sallye. "It was cut open in 1923 for better lighting. The light from the east windows there, I guess, was the lighting of the time. In 1970 we purchased the chandeliers from an antique store in New Orleans. We now go to the French country bedroom and parlor."

Dow just loves to show off its link with the past. A stone's throw from Louisiana's petrochemical present, they play homage to our plantation past. The Dow House is open for tours, by appointment only. But it's free. Call Sallye Troxclair at 225-353-6623 to arrange a visit.