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Viewpoint: October 22, 2008

One benefit that is enjoyed by the media is the ability to have an editorial voice, a means to express a view to the public. With the growth of the internet, that advantage is now available to citizens everywhere, allowing them to have a louder voice in the public discourse. There is no time of year when this voice is heard louder than during the political season.

Through blogs, forums, and message boards, voters are providing their own editorial comments and raising the questions and concerns that they want to see addressed. Hundreds of area viewers take advantage of the blogs offered by that coincide with each debate and with our election night coverage.

That opportunity is available again Wednesday night (Oct. 22nd) when we air the Senate debate. We invite you to join us for these political events and to express your views and opinions. And please do not let it stop there. Start your own blog, write a letter to your newspaper's editor, make an attempt to have your voice heard. And of course, please do not forget to vote.
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