Folse Kitchen Hacks: Two

Folse Kitchen Hacks: Two
  1. Use the toaster to keep your eggs from rolling all over the counter while you are baking a cake.
  2. Store a Microplane grater in a used paper towel tube.
  3. No slip mixing, use a paper towel, kitchen towel, or a rubber non slip mat to ensure that your bowl doesn't slip away when you whisk.
  4. Roast chicken on 4 O-rings or cookie cutters you may have around the house.
  5. Homemade bread crumbs in the food processor and dried in the oven at 350°F for 8 minutes ... season them to match any dish!
  6. Easily cut dried fruits by spraying your knife with non-stick cooking spray!
  7. Better your corn on the cob in an aluminum pan with melted butter and your choice of seasonings! Also makes it easy to carry it right out to the grill and back!
  8. Use the beater of your hand mixer as a juicer!