October 20, 2008 - "Pierre Part Kids Celebrate Election"

You don't have to wait till November 4th. Kids at Pierre Part Elementary are already celebrating an election victory. The winner is Pete Pizza, who beat the very popular Biff Burger and the lovely Petunia Pita Pocket.

Leuna Johnson says, "Well, it is a presidential election year, so we thought it would be special for the children to actually participate in the actual voting process. The state brought in the voting machines, and they actually voted just as we do."

The youngsters were voting for their favorite lunches--part of the School Nutrition Association's National School Lunch Week. Why have one of those? Leuna--who is the Child Nutrition Supervisor in Assumption Parish says it's "To let the parents, the community, administrators, everyone out there know that we are the ones nourishing the bodies and minds of the children of Assumption Parish."

And she says that none of it couldn happen without "Cafeteria workers that work very, very hard. They put all this together on their own, on their own time. They did an outstanding job doing prizes for the kids."

And they put on a pretty good election, too.