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August 22, 2002 - "Jewelry Maker"

She weaves strands of silver and gold into fine art. Her tools and skills assisted by her imagination and dedication, Ann O'Brien creates handmade jewelry.

It's a skill she picked up in the '70s at LSU to help pay expenses. She had no idea it was going to follow her through the rest of her life.

I found her at work on one of the creations from those LSU days, the sterling silver bubble blower. Ann explains the strange creation. "Some friends of mine came up with this. They said it would be fun if you could own totally useless things made out of precious metal, and that night the sterling silver bubble blower was the most useless thing we could think of. It was kind of an anti-establishment kind of statement. In the hippie days I was always called a closet capitalist. I don't know what that meant exactly."

It meant that Ann's the one who figured out that she could make and sell truly beautiful jewelry. Out of dorm room whimsy, delicately crafted works of art. Ann's jewelry is sold at the UCM Museum in Abita Springs. The following link will take you to the museum's web page:

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