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Viewpoint: September 17, 2008

The last few weeks have given us some real insight into Governor Jindal's high tempo, take charge style of running things. That was clearly evident in his public appearances during the two hurricanes. Standing before live news cameras, the governor repeatedly delivered his own hurricane forecasts and dished out the smallest details of how the state was handling disaster preparations. It was as if he wanted to show our federal government and FEMA how proper preparedness could win the day by having the right people and the right resources in all the right places.

But behind the scenes of this public show, Louisiana's plan wasn't perfect. The state Department of Social Services made some FEMA-class blunders. Showers were not in place for evacuees in north Louisiana. The disaster food stamp distribution in Baton Rouge was a disaster, with parents and their children sweating for hours in endless lines.

The governor promised there would be consequences. And in this case, a member of Jindal's cabinet is out. Social Services Secretary Ann Williamson has resigned. We should hold our elected leaders accountable. And, we like the idea that Governor Jindal is ready to hold his administration accountable, especially when lives are endangered.

Our governor has certainly benefited from three years of hindsight and three years of intense planning since the debacles of Hurricane Katrina. And, in a hurricane-weary state that is not likely to tolerate more blunders, Governor Jindal is acting quickly to improve the performance of his administration.
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