August 15, 2002 - "David's Country Cottages"

Here's the story of an Iberville Parish couple who have turned a hundred-year kinship with the community into an oasis of calm just outside the big city.

Jeanie and Richard David have roots which go 'way back in Grosse Tete. Six generations of their family have lived on this land for 130 years. Richard's great granddad, John Solari, is known to be one of the first merchants to do business in Iberville Parish.

Richard's aunt lived in this shotgun style cottage for years. In 1997 Richard and Jeanie restored the 100-year-old home and opened it as a bed and breakfast.

But they don't build them like they used to! "Nonsense!" said Richard. He got some cypress lumber and put up two replicas of his aunt's house.

He explains, "Aunt's house was laid out well. It was comfortable. It looked like it served the purpose of a bed and breakfast cottage, so why not build them the same?"

And that's the story of David's Country Cottages -- well, about half of it. The other half is the nature surrounding the bed and breakfast. Guests are welcome to stroll out back in the morning or evening and feed the coy in the big old fish pond.

There is also an old logging lane. Richard and Jeanie converted to 75-year-old lane into a quarter-mile nature walk.

Jeanie says,"I just like walking back here and thought it was real peaceful and thought anybody else would enjoy it too."

Forty-two years ago Richard and Jeanie spent their honeymoon in New Orleans. Now they tell me people are coming in from the Big Easy to honeymoon in Grosse Tete.

David's Country Cottages rent for $75 on weeknights -- and $85 on weekends.