August 9, 2002 - "Cajun Pride Swamp Tours"

Preservation of the swamp habitat doesn't have to come with a somber face and a preachy attitude. There's a place where you get with the alligators down home and up close, where you can take the pole in your hand and feed them yourself.

Cajun Pride Swamp Tours takes you through 750 acres of the Manchac Swamp near LaPlace. How are they different from 100 other alligator tours?

Tour Guide George Billiot paused in his description of the wetlands to say, "Being a privately owned section, nobody else is out here. I know some people who work other swamp tours, and they'll be feeding an alligator and there's a fishing boat passing by, a jet ski."

In addition to owning a 25-mile by 35-mile chunk of the Manchac Swamp, these people are flat dedicated to preserving the alligator and his natural home.

They work very closely with Wildlife and Fishereries. Remember all those alligators which were pulled off people's driveways after Tropical Storm Allison? A lot of them were turned loose right here.

It's the perfect place, says Billiot, "Nobody bothering us out here, the alligators do their thing, and we have fun. It's great for us, and I'm sure the animals are running loose out there. Nobody's hunting anything out there."

Cajun Pride Tours are right off I-55, just north of I-10 in LaPlace. They also offer combo swamp-plantation tours.