Task Force Formed In Search For The Baton Rouge Serial Killer

The FBI announced Wednesday a multi-agency task force has now been formed in the search for the Baton Rouge serial killer. And while the Baton Rouge City Police Department is the lead agency in the investigation, Chief Pat Englade says the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been asked to help. WAFB Crime Team Reporter Shauna Sanford was at Wednesday's news conference and has the details.

The East Baton Rouge Police Department says they are investigating 37 unsolved murders of women in the Baton Rouge area dating back all the way to 10 years ago. But so far only three of those murders have been linked through DNA.

The group of men assembled at Wednesday's news conference represented all of the agencies that are involved in the investigation. They represent hundreds of law enforcement officers working the cases and now the task force which is headquartered in the Emergency Operations Center. Mayor Bobby Simpson says within 24 hours they were able to outfit the building with several computer and telephone lines necessary for the investigation.

So far detectives have linked the murders of Gina Wilson Green, Charlotte Murray Pace and Pam Kinamore. And based on evidence collected at each of the murder scenes, FBI special agent Julian Gonzales says the killer has made some mistakes.

"We don't know this guy's name right now but you know what he has made a lot of mistakes. For example the DNA, he's left the DNA. He's a high risk individual we know that so we know a lot about this guy in general," said Gonzales.

The fact that Pam Kinamore was abducted between 9:30 and 10 at night and Charlotte Murray Pace was attacked between noon and two in the afternoon when many people were still out, agent Gonzales says it is obvious that the killer is willing to take big risks when potentially many people could see him.

Already some charges have been made since the formal announcement of the task force. The tip line is now open 24 hours a day and investigators are taking tips about any unsolved murders of women in the East Baton Rouge area. The new number is 1-866-389-3310. It will be manned by officers and staff from the city police and sheriff's departments.