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Viewpoint: August 13, 2008

Last year, 15 people died on a 5 to 7-mile section of Interstate 12 between Millerville Road and Denham Springs. There were 12 deaths in the first six months alone. Then, following an emergency meeting, speed limits were lowered, police patrols increased, electronic speed signs were installed, and road signs were put up warning motorists about the congestion ahead. The fatality rate dropped. Public awareness about the problem seemed to help.

However, just recently, three people were killed on that same deadly stretch of I-12. It is a tragic reminder that we can never be complacent. Some drivers who use that stretch of road are often too aggressive and too fast, and add to that the congestion experienced when I-12 goes from three lanes to two.

Help is on the way for the congestion. The state has approved $100 million to three-lane that five-mile section. That project needs to be put on the fast track. But until then, the rest is up to you. We urge you to be alert, drive the speed limit, avoid road rage, be considerate and tolerant of other drivers, and remember the old highway safety slogan, "Slow down and live."
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