More Gillis taped confessions jurors never saw

By Greg Meriwether - bio | email

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sean Vincent Gillis will spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of Donna Bennett Johnston. Jurors in his trial heard a lot of testimony. However, there's even more tape of Gillis confessing to his crimes, all video jurors never saw.

Prosecutors who dealt with Sean Gillis are still frustrated with a jury's decision to let him live the rest of his life in prison, rather than die for his crimes. Officials in the case asked for the tapes to be aired so you can see for yourself the diabolical killer Sean Gillis is, but some of it is too graphic, so it was edited.

In the interrogation room, over a Dr. Pepper, a bag of chips, and a cigarette, Sean Vincent Gillis tells it all. Sometimes the killer is even smiling while recounting his acts. It's chilling, nasty, and just plain disgusting. The devil is in the details. "I know it's hard to believe I like them, the damage I've done to some, but I'm sure there's some root to the psychosis in that, too."

They are words the jury who let him live never got a chance to hear, because at this point of the interrogation, he's already asked for a lawyer. Gillis talks about one of his most brutal murders, Joyce Williams, a lady he sees walking the street in a night gown, a party girl, as he refers to her. "At this time, she noticed me and said, 'Hey, didn't I see you drive past earlier?' I said, 'Yeah, about a minute ago,' (coughs) you know, we laughed and joked. She said, 'Well, you mind if I hop in.?'"

Gillis admits on this night, things could have gone either way, life or terrible death. "I had gotten off Scenic onto Airline and we just were going over the bridge, you know? She was looking over the bridge and stuff and she's like, 'Well, if anyone else, I'd be panicking right now, but you seem like a good fella.'" Gillis was anything but good, once the two turned into a cane field in West Baton Rouge for sex.

Gillis's weapon of choice was a tie wrap, a heavy duty plastic wrap that cinches down, a tie thing as he calls it. "The tie thing, and then I looked at her and I looked at it, and I looked at her. Next thing you know, I'm walking around the car with it and she looks up." Gillis attacks Joyce Williams in the cane field. He struggles to get the wrap around her neck. "Then she stands up, so it's like perfect in the right spot and it's like wrong direction and a couple minutes, two or three minutes later, um, that was the end of her."

Gillis asked for a lawyer, and usually, the interview is to be stopped. Gillis goes on to talk about sex with victims after they were already dead. He says he wasn't exactly Hannibal the Cannibal, but he says at least he tried.