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Viewpoint: August 6, 2008

You may have noticed Viewpoint has been missing for a while. That's because we've been in a bit of transition here at Channel 9. I'm Sandy Breland, the new general manager of WAFB, and I'm excited to get this important dialogue going again. Now, to tell you a little about myself. Two years ago, I watched the cypress trees and bayous of Louisiana disappear in my rearview mirror as I drove 1500 miles west on I-10 to the mountainous desert of Phoenix, Arizona.

It was so hard to leave the state where I was born and raised. I grew up in the New Orleans area, went to college there, got married and had children, and worked for two decades there in broadcast news. I lived in Baton Rouge for a year after Hurricane Katrina and I experienced the generosity of people here. I will never forget your kindness.

Moving to Phoenix was an important career move for me and my family. It was also eye-opening on many levels. We already knew we had problems here with crime, education, the environment, and our roads. Most of those problems are universal. Spending two years away from home has opened my eyes to things that we Louisianans may sometimes take for granted: our history, our rich culture, our lush, green landscape, our incredible food, and most importantly, the genuine warmth of our people.

Yes, we have issues in Louisiana and Baton Rouge, and this forum is a place where we'll discuss them. We won't always agree and that's okay. Our goal is to get people thinking and talking about things that impact the state that we all love and call home. In the coming months, you'll hear our thoughts on important issues and we also want to hear from you. And for me, personally, it's great to be home.
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