July 30, 2002 - "Deer Herder"

From antelope to zebra, the Global Wildlife Center near Folsom is home to scores of unusual animals, but you might be surprised to learn that one of the weirdest is a waterfowl you can find every fall practically in your own back yard.

They're used to exotic animals at the center, but this one has just about everybody stumped. Staff member Christina Cooper says, "I was actually departing the center, and it was pretty funny because I saw a small herd of fallow deer walking very purposely across the field. It was because the goose was behind them honking away and herding in the direction in which she wanted them to go."

Wild goose, brother goose, there are plenty of geese to hang out with at the center, but this one just wants to herd deer. "And because this goose doesn't have any goslings of its own, it has bonded with the deer," explains Cooper. "She'll herd the deer out of danger. If they get too close to the wagons or if the zebras get too close, the goose will chase them in a different direction. The goose does not have a name. We would love for you to name it. We think we might name it Tumey."

With that, the deer herding goose honked and walked away.