Baton Rouge's Serial Killer Gets National Exposure

Overnight the national news media picked up the story of Baton Rouge unsolved murders and now the nation is watching the unfolding of the investigation into the capitol city killer. 9 News Reporter Julie Baxter has more on this new found attention.

From MSNBC to CNN, and Compuserve, you can't read the headlines without seeing Baton Rouge, the city is arming itself to make Pam Kinamore's death the last in a deadly series.  At 10 o'clock Tuesday night, this five-man CNN crew was in Dallas, by Wednesday morning they were here in Baton Rouge to talk about a serial killer.

Gov. Mike Foster said Wednesday in his weekly radio and television address that it's not fun living in a place where fear is a factor.

The killings have been so random and so brutal that people are frightened. Web headlines across the span of networks blast "Baton Rouge Jittery Over Slayings," "DNA Points to Baton Rouge Serial Killer" and speak of a serial killer stalking Louisiana's capitol city.

Suddenly the spectre of a killer that walks among us here has slipped into living rooms across America.  Chancellor Mark Emmert goes live on CNN, the Kinamores talk via satellite with the networks, but back at home here in Baton Rouge, fear is turning to resolve.

The campus bookstore is getting calls from police investigators looking for reference books on serial killers.  Another bookstore in town tells 9 News that sales of self-defense books have doubled in the last few weeks.  Self defense classes are also full and more women are buying guns under Louisiana's concealed carry law.

Gov. Foster says Louisana's concealed carry law is just for this type of thing and that a lot of females have been the ones to use this.  Foster adds there's nothing wrong with a person learning to use a firearm to protect themselves, particiuarly if someone's trying to break down the door in their house, or they find them in their house and recognize that they are an intruder.

The governor says he has asked the state police to give him a periodic update on the investigation, and asked them to lend as much support as is needed to the local investigation.