DNA Tests Point to Serial Killer in Baton Rouge

Investigators have now linked three of the unsolved murders of women from South Baton Rouge. As WAFB's Crime Team Reporter Shauna Sanford tells us investigators now have the results of DNA taken from the body of Pam Kinamore.

The sheriff's department e-mailed a press release over Monday afternoon with the results of the DNA samples.

The DNA from Pam Kinamore was compared to that of murdered LSU graduate student Charlotte Murray Pace and nurse Gina Wilson Green, and according to investigators the DNA taken from Kinamore was identical to that of Pace and Green. And in the news release the sheriff's department says it's obvious that all three crimes are linked and have been committed by the same person.

Kinamore was abducted from her Briarwood home earlier this month. Her nude body was found underneath the Whiskey Bay Bridge off Interstate-10. According to the autopsy Kinamore bled to death from a cut to the throat. About two months prior to Kinamore's death, LSU graduate student Charlotte Murray Pace was killed at her home on Sharlo in a very similar way, by a cut to the throat.

Unlike in the case of Kinamore, investigators say there were clear signs that Pace fought with her attacker. And nearly a year ago, Gina Wilson Green was killed at her home on Stanford, strangled to death. And there are reports that at least two of the women were sexually assaulted.

In all three cases there was no forced entry and investigators say they still need your help in finding a white truck they believe Pam Kinamore's body was seen in shortly before her body was dumped. The type of white truck investigators are looking for is a 1996 or 1997 Cheverolet with aging paint and a Louisiana license plate. A white man with a thin to medium build was seen driving it and detectives want to find this man.

Anyone with information that could help police with these cases should call the tip line at 389-3310, which operates Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.  After hours you can call 389-2000 or 389-5000.