Self-Defense For Suriving An Attacker

With so many unsolved murders in Baton Rouge, self-defense classes have been filling up all around the city. Now we bring you a man who says he can teach you how to survive a suicide bombing, a  self-defense expert right here in Baton Rouge with combat training. He's teaching people how to survive violent attacks and as WAFB's John Connelly shows us. It could save your life.

Doron Benbenisty spent 11 years in the Israeli military and special forces.  And with degrees in aviation engineering and psycho-therapy, he's chosen teaching self-defense as a profession.  He says while women come to his classes for many different reasons they get a good combination of physical fitness exercising and self-defense.

"They want to know things that can help them deal with real life attacks," said Doron.  In his classes Doron duplicates those situations by role playing with knives and guns all in an effort to teach his students how to survive.  Doron reminds his students of the rule of deadly force.  He says if it's a rape, kidnapping or hard assault, you can disable your attacker by using the weapon against him. And while his methods are simple ones they teach his students how to esape from an intruder and even survive a bomb attacks.

Doron says it is not a competition that students stay to fight.  They don't win medals or a belt, but they win the satisfaction of knowing they can survive and defend themselves.

Doron describes crime in the U.S. as terrible as terrorism in other countries and says people don't realize that.  He says his students have two choices, either to fight back or let them kill you.

These students are fighting back. Nineteen-year-old Andrea Cahill was concerned about her security. She's two months into lessons and knows she can better protect herself.  Andrea says whether it be a rape, kidnapping, someone putting a gun, or knife to her, she is able to react calmly and get away from a dangerous situation like that.

Doron says most people aren't prepared to defend themselves. But can recognize and avoid dangerous situations before it's too late.  If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself, Doron suggests a class on martial arts and reading books on personal protection and home safety. He teaches both a 6-month course and a two-day course for civilians.  For more information on this story you can go to