July 23, 2002 - "Mall Rock Climbers"

There aren't a lot of places in south Louisiana to hone your rock climbing skills.  But if the kids can't go to the mountain, by golly the mountain will come to them in the mall, right outside Abercrombie & Fitch. The 24-foot, 4-inch chunk of simulated granite is one of the newest crazes sweeping the nation. It was enough to send 11-year-old Aynsley Brian climbing the walls while her mom looked on. "I might have climbed the walls at home," says Mom. "a few of my own walls I might have climbed, but turnabout is fair play."

"It's fun," beams Aynsley. "Once you get all the way to the top, actually the most fun is coming down."

Not only fun, it's a safety device. If you slip or just let go of the wall for the heck of it, a hydraulic cable system lowers you to the ground gently and safely.  This indoor Pike's Peak will cost you five bucks for five minutes or two climbs, whichever comes first.

There's no age limit on this simulated rock climb. The very young are welcome as well as us, shall we say, "seasoned" adventurers. But if you want to try your hand or foot remember, like the old song by Blood, Sweat & Tears says, "What goes up must come down!"