June 23, 2008 - "Kids Making a Movie"

A group of youngsters, headphones on their ears, sing into a microphone. They're singing along with music which is being piped in from a state-of-the art control room. That's where the tracks are being mixed. King Red Productions is a Baton Rouge studio which makes movies that go around the world, teaching kids how to behave.

World Youth Federation president Teri Chandler says, "They have a message to tell their peers and to go out and help little kids make good decisions, good quality decisions because we're always faced with them--good versus evil."

King Red's "Roar Into Action"  won Best Children's Film in the 2007 New York and Los Angeles Film Festivals. The kids cutting the new soundtrack are here from Florida, Arizona and Tennessee to make a sequel to the award winning film.

Teri says, "There are so many children, their parents are trying to find things for them to do and activities to get involved with. And that's when we're really finding children that have hidden talents that their parents didn't even know that they had."

King Red Productions grew out of the "Our Little Miss" scholarship pageant which has been based in Baton Rouge since 1961.

In addition to the movie, the kids are working on two CD'S and a stage production.