June 18, 2008 - "Indoor Fun for Kids"

Squealing kids from the Universal Children's Learning Academy dart about a huge room full of inflatable play stations. They came all the way from Zachary to jump and run and play. Other youngsters just came a few blocks. Outside it's in the 90s. A little while ago it was raining. But this romping and sliding is all indoors on an inflatable playground.

It's called "It's My Party," where owner Lynne Truxillo says, "We have slides. We have bouncers, obstacle courses, combination pieces that have obstacle courses and slides. It's just action packed physical fun."

One thing I hadn't figured out yet is Batman. "Well, try it," said Lynne. Okay, off I go. Apparently the Caped Crusader is, at least partially, an obstacle course. I think here, under is better. Here, over isn't even an option--but around here, by golly, it's mandatory. I clamber up some inflated steps and go sliding down an 18-foot slide. That'll take care of all that pent up summertime energy!

Lynne says, "They have an opportunity to get that physical energy out that they absolutely need. It's just a physical activity which I think is really important for the kids, too."

"It's My Party" on Anselmo Lane has day camps, open play, parties and parents' night out.