July 10, 2002 - "From Tangipahoa to Talladega"

From Tangipahoa to Talladega -- two guys from Amite think they might have to right stuff to make it all the way. Tim Martin and Woody Hughes are on the fast track to a dream.

Tim stops tinkering under the hood of their souped-up Grand Prix long enough to say, "We plan to go as far as we can go. We like to compete, and we like to do it on a regular basis, and the higher up the better."

The current rung on the ladder has Tim and Woody competing on the United Speed Alliance Racing circuit.

"It's probably 90 percent being prepared and ten percent what you do when you actually get out there," says Tim.

What they do when they get out there is push 565 horses to speeds up to 160 miles per hour in a Pontiac that sure doesn't look real comfortable to drive. But Tim says, "Actually it is built for comfort. You spend about two hours a race in here, and it gets extremely hot inside. The seat is a custom made seat just to fit me. It takes you about ten minutes to get in one of these cars and about five seconds to get out if it's on fire!"

The two men compete in the Hooters Pro Cup series. But, says Tim, that doesn't get them any special treatment from the famous Hooters girls. "They do have certain specials if you go in there, and you're a Hooters Pro Cup driver. Other than that, I don't know any on a first name basis."

Then I'll stick to bicycles.

Tim and Woody's team is the only one from Louisiana competing in the Hooters Pro Cup Tour.

They are looking for corporate sponsors, and you can contact them at this email address. bpiracing@msn.com