July 9, 2002 - "Dr. Doolittle of Plaquemine"

Unlike most of us, Johnny Wayne Rosso isn't content just to put out the feed for the birds and the squirrels.

"I call the squirrel, and sometimes he'll come down and make this sound. This is another call," said Rosso.

Johnny tells the critters to come and get it. He's the Dr. Doolittle of Plaquemine.

"That's how I get them around sometimes. I've got maybe 30-40 bird sounds and about 20 other animals," said Rosso.

And now with his friend and producer Snookie Richard, Johnny has turned his critter sounds into a swamp ballad called "Crawfish Traps."

"I did that because of the swamp. About the only thing that doesn't fit is the peacock. How in the hell is a peacock going to be in the swamp? But I wanted that to be the controversial part of the song," said Rosso.

Why shouldn't he be proud as a peacock? He's got a lot to crow about.