Joseph Ionadi’s Sweet Italian Sausage

Joseph Ionadi’s Sweet Italian Sausage

PREP TIME: 2 Hours MAKES: 160 (6-inch) links


Joseph Ionadi was born in Calabria, Italy and moved to Toronto, Canada in 1958. Today, he owns Donnalia Fruit Market on Jane Street in the city. He sells a variety of fruits, vegetables and specialty Italian items such as pasta and olive oil.


50 pounds ground pork butt

6 cups sweet red pepper sauce (see recipe)

2 ounces red peppers, dried and crushed

2 ½ ounces cracked black pepper

9 ½ ounces salt

1 ounce fennel seed


The pork butt should be ground through a 3/8-inch die to achieve the perfect-sized grind. Combine all of the above ingredients and stuff into a 38mm hog casing available from your local butcher shop. This will make approximately 160 (6-inch) links. Grill or pan sauté with smothered onions and peppers.