June 9, 2008 - "Historic Istrouma Yearbooks"

It's a treasure that most folks didn't even know was there--200 copies of the Pow-Wow, Istrouma High School yearbooks dating back to 1939--rows and stacks and boxes of thousands of memories, 66 years of changing hairstyles, fashion and photos. And mixed in with the nostalgia--surprises.

Teacher Britany Monet Hurst tells of one which she found. "I was actually going through the archives and I realized, Billy Cannon--oh, my gosh! Heisman Trophy winner, I've heard his name mentioned many times and never knew that he was a graduate."

Metro Councilman Byron Sharper can be found in the 1985 Pow-Wow. And from 1955 a skinny young lad looks out from the page. He's Advocate columnist Smiley Anders.

Memories like these are just too good to be kept locked away. Thursday morning they're going to take the historic books full of memories out into the foyer of Istrouma High School, throw open the doors and sell them--to you. Mark your calendar.

Britany Hurst says, "This school is so rich in culture and heritage, and this is a great opportunity for the community to actually come out and see some of these people who made an impact on the Baton Rouge community--and take a piece of history home with them!"

The yearbooks go on sale for $20 each from 10:00-2:00 Thursday. If you want Billy Cannon, better get there early. The school will keep one copy of each of the historic yearbooks for the Istrouma archives.