June 6, 2008 - "Ringling Bros. Clowns & Local Kids"

The parish library is not a place where you expect to hear loud noises or see circus clowns. But when the ambassadors of laughter are in town, anything can happen.

Everybody knows you have to be very, very quiet in the library. So why are a pair of circus clowns running around the Baker branch tooting horns and shouting? Obviously they didn't get the message. Dave and Cherie Gregg came to Baker from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus to read Dr. Seuss to the kids. They also balance chairs on their noses, spin plates on long sticks and juggle.

Dave and Cherie travel the nation and meet kids as Ambassadors of Laughter for Ringling Brothers. "The best thing about being a clown is being able to go out and make friends wherever you go!" says Dave. "That's right, it's wonderful working for the Greatest Show on Earth."

The clowns will soon move on to the next town, but June 26 the Greatest Show on Earth brings a brand new show into the River Center. It's called "Boom-A-Ring." "And it's going to take all the energy from this wonderful town of Baton Rouge," says Cherie, "bring it into the ring, and our performers are going to--boom, boom--bounce it right back at you, right back at the audience ten-fold!"

Dave and Cherie will read to kids at two local Wal-Marts Saturday. At 10:30 they'll be at the O'Neal Lane store. At 1:30 they'll be at the Cortana Wal-Mart.