July 2, 2002 - "Making a Dream Come True"

How many people do you know who have invented their own hobby -- along with all the tools and techniques that go with it? There aren't many, but one of them is Martin Brignac of Baton Rouge. He points at the replica of an old frame house. "There's a lot of memories in that house, all the family." It's the house that he grew up in.

"I've had a lot of my family that lived in that house," he says. "Several of my sisters had their children born in that house."

Mr. Brignac preserved those memories with something better than a picture on a wall. He rebuilt the house, brick by brick, and put it in a frame, inventing the techniques as he went along.

"First I took the brick and crushed it down to a powder. Then I put glue on some paper and sprinkled some of this powdered brick onto it. It makes like a sandpaper. Then you shake off all the excess, turn it over and cut it into the size strips you need for your bricks."

He even robbed the fire ants to get the dirt that goes under the porch.

"You just put the glue into the dirt, and you stir it up and make you a paste out of it. That'll make you real dirt instead of artificial dirt or painted dirt."

He did so well on the house he grew up in that he has two other framed cottages on his wall. He says, "A friend of mine asked me to do the house on 847 America Street. Ten-0-five Seneca Street, I built that house, and I just thought I would like to do it again."

Not only saving memories, but building a brand new hobby.