May 21, 2008 -- "Sheep Shear Ascension Lawn"

A couple years ago Kenny Johnson was tired of mowing his five acres once a week. And tractor fuel was going up and up. Then it hit him. He got 25 sheep and three goats, put them on his land in Gonzales, and his worries were over.

"They naturally go out there and eat what they want to eat," says Kenny, "even the palmettos. They'll eat the palmettos."

Kenny put the bush hog and the tractor in the barn and hasn't had to pull them out to mow for close to three years. His inspiration is even starting to catch on. He says, "I don't know. A lot of people pass, and they'll just look at the sheep. I've had a few people come and want to buy some sheep. They want some because they want to fix their yard up."

Kenny says the sheep are one of the best investments he ever made. He no longer worries about gallons per acre--more like bales per month. "The way diesel is right now--where is it, $4.55 a gallon? I think I've got the best way. Those big bales of hay, they don't cost but $25 for a big pile. I think I'm coming out 'way ahead."

And he laughs all the way to the feed store.