Dive team trains while water high on levee

Posted by Joshua Auzenne

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - If you were near River Road and Brightside Friday morning, then you may have seen a slew of police cars. It attracted lots of attention, but the Baton Rouge Police Department Dive Team was only preparing for occasions when the real attention is needed.

The high water level following recent heavy rains actually triggered the timing of this drill. "We thought we would take advantage of the high water on the levee. In this case, we get to train for the water currents, the no visibility, and just the activity in this area," says Cpl. Thomas Sibley.

So, while the spring storms might be an aggravation to some, for these divers, this time is prime time. "When the water is as high as it is now, it's really grown into the vegetation, so when our divers go in there, they get tangled and have to get themselves untangled," Sibley says.

Getting untangled is only the beginning. The water has zero visibility. "Absolutely nothing, you will not see a thing. It is all about touch and feel. In this situation, you may not want to see what you are recovering. So, the no visibility can work to your benefit."

The Baton Rouge Dive Team will have another drill in a month. The location has yet to be decided.