May 14, 2008 -- "94-year-old Gardener"

Tony Sziber has been working his plot of ground just south of Livingston for 32 years. He's out there every morning--hoeing, weeding, tending the beans and shallots, peppers and turnips. He started the garden after he retired at age 62. Do the math, and you know that tony is 94.

"I was out here this morning," he told me, "hoed that grass out. I hoed most of this out before, but I two over there. I'll finish that one today."

Tony's garden is eleven rows wide and about twice as deep, and I'm told this is about the smallest one he has planted in 20 years. When you walk from the front yard to Tony's garden, you've literally got to walk down hill. That's what 30 years of tilling the soil will do to a place.

He has grown a whole lot more than he can eat, so at 94 years of age what keeps him doing it? "I guess I just like to see it grow--just like to see it grow," says Tony.

Since he can't eat it all, what's he do with the excess? Tony says, "One guy asked me, 'What you going to do with all that?' I said, 'Give it to people that ain't got none.'"

Which proves that Tony Sziber's heart is as big as his garden.

When Tony isn't working in his garden, he works on the World War Two jeep which he is restoring.