May 12, 2008 -- "Jeff's Place"

Sisters Rena Williams and Felisha Levy want you to know about their dad, Jeff Roberson.

"He was a people person," says Rena. "He loved to entertain. He always had parties at the house."

In 1980 Jeff had a vision -- building a family kind of place in Ascension Parish for parties, reunions and weddings. He planted oaks on his property in Geismar, then designed and built 2 huge barbecue pits. "He was renown for his barbecued ribs," Felisha says. "Everybody was waiting on that. Nothing like Jeff's barbecue. They loved it!"

Jeff never advertised his vision -- just like in the movie, "If you build it, they will come." They came. but in 1998 when Mr. Roberson passed away, there was never a moment's doubt in the family's mind. His vision had to go on, and there was only one thing to call it--Jeff's Place.

"We couldn't call it anything else," says Felisha. "We had to name it after him. It don't think it would have been right if we called it something else because this was his vision. This was his dream."

Rena adds, "When he talked about his place, when they would say, 'Jeff, tell us about your place,' oh, his eyes would just light up!"

They still don't advertise, but people still come from as far off as Las Vegas and Detroit. Maybe some of them know they're in a sort of living memorial. Maybe not. A loving family knows, and so does Jeff. It's just what he would have wanted.

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