June 13, 2002 - "The Causey Orchard"

Phillip Hembree and Justin Womack pick peaches for pleasure and profit. Justin's dad runs the Causey Orchard, one of the few mom and pop peach orchards left in East Baton Rouge parish or anywhere hereabouts.

It's a "U-Pick-Em" orchard, but they pick them too, and, of course, Justin helps out every day it's open.

He can tell you just how to get the good peaches off the tree. "What you would do is you would feel around till you found a soft one. When you find a soft one, you pick it and put it in your box."

And this year the finding and the picking are as easy as peach pie. John and Martha Ann Powell loaded up the car for friends, family and freezer back in Amite County, Mississippi.

"They're wonderful!" she exclaims. "They're a beautiful yellow golden peaches. We don't have peaches right there in our area, so we head to Louisiana."

Y'all come back, now -- soon. More peaches are getting ripe every day, but remember -- the season only lasts till early July.

Causey Orchard

21012 Tucker Rd.

Zachary, LA 70791-6514

(225) 654-4441

Directions from Baton Rouge:


Plank road to Hwy 64


Right on 64


Cross Comite River


Left on Tucker Road (at trailer park)


One mile to orchard