June 11, 2002 - "Blueberry - U-Pick Farm"

Fats Domino found his thrill on Blueberry Hill. The rest of have to go to the U-Pick farm.

It could be that the blueberry is the most patriotic fruit that there is. After all, its season starts right around Memorial Day, and goes right on through to the 4th of July. And there's just something about a "U-Pick-Em" blueberry patch on the side of the road that is irresistible.

Eleven-year-old Grant McIntyre is picking berries with his buddy Joey Fougerausse

"What are you going to do with them?" I ask.

"Eat 'em," says Grant.

"What's the secret to picking blueberries?" I ask

Grant says, "Go to the rows that have a lot of blueberries."

Well, there's an inescapable logic to that, isn't there? With muffins, pies, pancakes, cobbler, you have got to think about what you are going to do when you get home.

I turn to Joey. "How do you like your blueberries?"

"With sugar on top," says he.

"Just plain old blueberries with sugar -- do you ever add cream or put them on ice cream?"

Joey says no, "Just plain blueberries is my favorite."

It may be "U-Pick," but "U" don't have to. They have got pros here, too.

One of them is Josh LeBlanc. "The first few times you pick you pick one at a time," hey says, "but after you get the feel for it, you just kind of tickle the berries."

Every heart beats true for the red, white and blueberry.

The Blueberry Farm is on Greenwell Springs Road, about two miles past Hooper Road. Hours are 7:30 till noon and 4:30 till dark, Tuesday through Saturday. On Sundays, they open only in the afternoon.