June 7, 2002 - "Cold Stone Creamery" More Than Just Ice Cream

It it's June, it's ice cream! Time for a cold dip of your favorite flavor.

It's an almost daily ritual for Freddie and Monica Hernandez -- making fresh ice cream. Says Monica, "Ice cream is great. We wanted to have a place where kids of all ages could come in."

Freddie and Monica may not have found the solution for global warming, but they can sure cure a hot soul on a summer day.

Their place is called the Cold Stone Creamery, and they have got about a dozen and a half flavors all lined up and ready to go. But that's just the beginning. There are all of those add-ins and toppings.

Monica scooped up a big glob of chocolate, to begin a delightful treat called German Chocolate Cake. "We take it out and roll it in a ball, place a nice little divot in it, put a fresh baked brownie in there. We're going to put pecans in it. We're going to put coconut in it -- all hand done. This is fresh. It's not frozen. It's not coming out of a freezer."

The result is a refreshing confection that tastes just like its namesake.

Cold Stone Creamery is near the corner of Jones Creek and George O'Neal Road, next to Eckerd's, behind McDonald's.

The also have frozen yogurt and Italian sorbet.