Deer Management Assistance Program

The Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) was initiated statewide during the 1981-82 deer hunting season in an effort to provide additional opportunity to private landowners wishing to manage deer populations occuring on their land. Under DMAP, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Biologists work with participating hunting clubs and private landowners to accomplish their specific goals and objectives.

Antlerless deer tags are issued to cooperators for use during the entire deer season. Harvest quotas for antlerless deer are recommended by biologists along with buck harvest strategies and habitat management recommendations. Cooperators keep records of deer harvested and biologists use this information to evaluate herd health and to make future recommendations.

Since its inception this program has been most successful. During the 1997-98 deer season there were 1,322 cooperators enrolled in DMAP. These cooperators harvested 30,005 deer. Many cooperators are participating in Quality Deer Management Programs and in recent years there has been a decline in the percent of young bucks harvested along with an increase in number of adult bucks harvested by DMAP cooperators. Some southeastern states have had to establish mandatory antler regulations in order to achieve similar results.