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WAFB Viewpoint: March 26, 2008

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CQ Press is a division of Congressional Quarterly, a watchdog group in Washington that checks on the various activities of Congress.

CQ Press recently released a crime-ranking report concerning Louisiana. In that report, CQ found that Louisiana jumped from the 10th most dangerous state in the nation to the second most dangerous state. For the record, Nevada was the most dangerous.

Now, we can blame these statistics on the aftermath of Katrina or we can do what we often do and that is kill the messenger. What we should do is use this information as a wake-up call to action. We do have a crime problem in Louisiana, we do have a crime problem in the entire Capital region and yes, we do have a crime problem in East Baton Rouge Parish.

We have shootings, cuttings and armed robberies and other violent crimes occurring in our area nearly on a nightly basis. Now, we can put our heads in the sand or we can open our eyes and support all aspects of our law enforcement agencies by helping them get the funds, manpower and equipment they need to effectively do their jobs. And then, we can make sure they do their jobs.

As law abiding citizens, we can help by reporting crime when we see it and push our leaders to insist on full enforcement of our laws - from our legislators to our judges. Yes, it's a growing problem, but we can beat it. We just need to continue to say and to show a no tolerance attitude toward all crime.



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