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WAFB Viewpoint: March 18, 2008

Governor Bobby Jindal's special legislative spending session was lightning fast, taking only one of the three weeks scheduled to accomplish everything the governor wanted. This honeymoon ride of Jindal's, with two successful sessions under his belt, may just keep on going right into the regular session, which begins March 31st. We would be quite happy if that would happen, considering the positive changes that have been made for our state. New ethics legislation is in place and we'll see how it develops, but at least the laws are now on the books.

In just six days last week, Jindal and his band of merry men and women spent $1.1 billion; half to go to ports, bridges, and roads and the rest for other important projects such as real money at last for the Pennington Biomedical Center. We have urged in past Viewpoints the importance of serious funding for Pennington.

We think more than a billion dollars in tax breaks for families and businesses is a remarkable move forward, one that will greatly benefit our state's economy. We also believe that providing tax breaks for families sending kids to private and parochial schools was the right thing to do. Much more was accomplished, but it could not have been so if a majority of our legislators had not realized the need to lift the state's spending limit. Governor Jindal's two punch knock-out with two remarkable special legislative sessions has set us on a path we believe will continue through the coming regular session. If it does, then a new day has dawned in Louisiana.

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