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May 30, 2002 - Baby Animals Abound at Global Wildlife Center

Everybody likes to look at babies, and here's a place where there are 300 new arrivals, all waiting for visitors.

Spring at the Global Wildlife Center, and nature is renewing herself. Christina Cooper of the center's staff says, "we have babies all over the place. They're coming out daily. Every year we have about 300 babies born at Global Wildlife Center." One of the favorites is the three-week-old Sicilian Miniature Donkey. Tradition says this is the donkey which carried the blessed mother to Bethlehem and was blessed forever with a special brand.

But back to the babies. From the deer, sometimes shy, sometimes not, to the Cape Eland Antelope, for the center's many visitors, it's one long celebration of new life. "Absolutely," says Christina. "We're going to be able to get close to a bunch of them today. We do have some mothers who are a little protective than others, so we'll just have to play it by ear." The baby rheas, South American cousins to the ostrich, look like tiny dinosaurs when they run, and Christina says they have some fascinating habits. "It's up to the daddy rhea to build the nest. He then has to incubate the eggs for 52 days, and during that time he does very little eating. Every now and then he'll get up and turn the eggs over. After the eggs are hatched, he has to raise the young." Taliban need not apply.

You can find out more about the Global Wildlife Center, including hours of tours, by following this link:

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