May 29, 2002 - A Palace for Pets

It's the plaza for pooches, with canine cuisine fit for a king, or a prince, or even a fido.

When you go on vacation this summer, you should be so lucky as to find accommodations as good as these where you might want to leave the family dog. The pooch even has TV in his room. What do the dogs like to watch most? Canine concierge Michael Hackett says, "Animal Planet, 'Dr. Doolittle,' 'Homeward Bound,' those are some of the favorites."

Petz Plaza on Perkins Road has four suites available, so popular that they are already planning to add two more. And there's the personal touch, as Michael explains. "Usually we'll walk a dog on average five or six times a day. We also have play time. We do that for people who want a little extra play time for their dog, a little extra TLC." And chow time, wash your mouth out! The food here would make you want to stand up and slap your mama! Says Michael, "Yappy Hour is every afternoon at 5. We give a specialty treat from our bakery, from eclairs to mini-morsels and that kind of stuff, and we give it to them at 5pm every day." Pastries so good that even a visiting human can appreciate their flavor. I think I'll send the dog to Disney World. I'm checking in here!

Luxury suites at Petz Plaza are $35 a night, $50 for two dogs. More traditional kennel accommodations are also available.