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WAFB Viewpoint: March 8, 2008

It has always been our belief that former Congressman Richard Baker represented the state of Louisiana and the 6th Congressional District with honor, ethics, and a talent for bringing home the bacon. He will be a hard act to follow, but a large field of candidates is campaigning for the congressional seat Baker has retired from.

The election for his seat is March 8th. All of us, as voters, should seriously study the candidates and the issues that will affect our state. There are four Republicans running for the office from various backgrounds in business and politics. The Democratic Party is being represented by five candidates - three lawyers, a working man, and a former chief of staff to two governors. Voters still have time to see and hear these candidates on TV, radio, and on their web sites.

Seek out information on them and learn what they stand for. It's important you cast your ballot for the man or woman you believe is best suited to represent us in Washington. The Democratic and Republican party primaries are set for March 8th. The Democrats have opened their primary to unaffiliated voters, independents, and such. The Republican Primary on that same day will be for Republican voters only. Runoffs, if needed, are set for April 5th. The final vote will be taken in the general election on May 3rd. Let your voice be heard...get out and vote.

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