February 27, 2008 -- "Caps for Katrina"

The eighth grade at LSU Lab School is awash in bottle caps--thousands of them. And more are coming in all the time. Teacher Kim Henley tells the kids, "This whole bucket came from Gov. Jindal."

But the caps are not just from Louisiana. A huge box came all the way from Key West, Florida. One student registers surprise as she reads the note which came with them. "Jimmy Buffett... Wow!"

The students count them, sanitize them, and save them in big bottles. They'll keep collecting till they get 951,600 caps.

Why that number? Student Jailen Jordan says, "It represents the amount of people that were basically affected or killed by Hurricane Katrina."

Student Olivia McClure adds, "Well, we want to build, like, a memorial with them and put it here on campus just to symbolize Katrina."

But not just any bottle caps will do. They have to be off water bottles, as Eighth Grader Madeline Blackwood explains--"Water bottle caps because it kind of symbolizes the fact that during Katrina not many had water, A, and B, to scoop the water out of New Orleans."

It'll likely be two years before the memorial is designed and built. Meantime, save your water bottle caps. These kids would love to have them. Here's where you can send them--

LSU Laboratory School
ATTN: 8th Grade
45 Dalrymple Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803