May 22, 2002 - The Community Garden

Want to cut the grocery bill, get some sun and make new friends? The community garden may be just the spot for you.

"Is each one of these flowers going to be a cucumber?" I ask. "Every single one," Catherine Martin says. Six-year-old Catherine is only one of the folks who tend crops in the garden, and she says, "it's fun and hard, because sometimes our friends come over and we play." I got the same story from the adults. They work hard in the garden, but every now and then the friends come over and they play. Gardener Paul Gagnon explains, "sometimes it's social, and sometimes it's food, and sometimes it's both. When it works well, it's both." This nifty combination of work ethic and social club is the Garden District Civic Association's Community Garden. About 15 members harvest everything from collard greens to blackberries, all organic, but not necessarily all fruits and veggies. Paul says, "some people are heavy on the flowers, and some are heavy on the veggies, but there's no tension there, no rivalry." And they're always looking for friendly folks with talented fingers.

The community garden has several plots available. If you're interested, call Paul Gagnon at 387-5009.