May 17, 2002 - The Big, Bad Bicycle

He towers above the SUV's and the minivans, and his weird mode of travel has turned many a head. It's the story of a man and his bike.

"Kids love it," says LSU art major Clark Derbes. "Kids freak out and start laughing and ask their mom's for one." Clark is pretty much used to the stares and double takes he gets as he rides his bicycle around campus. It took him about four days to build the contraption, cobbling together pieces of old BMX and mountain bikes. "Just take a saw and cut up old bikes," he says. So he cannibalized other perfectly healthy, good, reasonable bicycles to build it. "No, no, no," he says, "they weren't healthy."

Can he see over SUV's and minivans? "I can see the tops of SUV's and minivans." He does have his head in the clouds. The seat of his bicycle stands five-feet-one. The handlebars are six feet in the air.

Clark says his bike is really not hard at all to ride, but when it's time to get off the thing, well, let's just say the pavement is a long way down.