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WAFB Viewpoint: February 6, 2008

In his position as sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish, Sid Gautreaux will have to deal with various personnel problems during his tenure. His first and most serious problem to this date happened right after Sheriff Gautreaux assumed office. Deputy Douglas Thomas, a two-year employee of the sheriff's department ended his brief career after an off-duty accident in his patrol car that led to his being jailed on a DWI charge. Deputy Thomas resigned after an immediate internal investigation. This all happened within 24 hours. A press release notifying the media and the public of what happened was released no more than two hours after the deputies' arrest. We see this as a very public example of the kind of office that Sheriff Gautreaux plans to run. In fact, he made it even more clear with this statement:  "It's unfortunate when something like this happens but when it does, I'm going to deal with it accordingly and deal with it in a timely fashion. We're no better than anyone because we have a badge and we can't just live with it. We've got to live above it."

We applaud the sheriff's quick action and openness and hope this becomes a standard for his office and an example for other public offices.
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