Sauteed Asparagus with Garlic Butter

Prep Time: 20 Minutes
Yields: 2-4 Servings

Asparagus is rich in zinc and has been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries. In fact, it is believed that French bridegrooms in the 19th century were required to eat several servings of asparagus because of its "love powers."

1 large bunch asparagus, trimmed
2 tbsps unsalted butter
2 tbsps minced garlic
salt and black pepper to taste
granulated garlic to taste

Trim and remove woody ends of asparagus, leaving the tips 4-5 inches in length. In a large skillet, heat butter over medium-high heat. Add asparagus and minced garlic and saute 3-5 minutes or until tender-crisp. Season to taste with salt, pepper and granulated garlic. Serve hot.