Supreme Topping from Don's Seafood and Steak House


2 oz. butter
8 oz. shrimp
splash Tiger Sauce
splash Worcestershire
1/2 tsp chicken base
1 tsp garlic
pinch black pepper
pinch red pepper
2 oz. orange juice
2 oz. flour
1 and 1/4 pints milk
4 oz. evaporated milk
2 oz. green onion
6 oz. crab meat


  • Saute shrimp until almost done (2-3 minutes), then add tiger sauce, Worcestershire, chicken base, garlic, red and black pepper, and orange juice.
  • Stir until thoroughly mixed
  • Then add flour a little at a time and stirring quickly to prevent the flour from lumping
  • When flour is incorporated evenly, pour in milk and evaporated milk
  • Bring the sauce to a boil slowly, until it thickens
  • Finish with crab meat and green onions
  • Serves 4-6 people