WAFB Viewpoint: January 9, 2008

It's probably obvious that our Viewpoint on this day is similar to that of thousands of LSU fans. Monday night's runaway victory for the LSU Tigers in their national championship game against Ohio State was more than awesome. We'll take it up a few notches, from simply smash-mouth football to the art of the game.

What we saw Monday night was the Tigers' opus for the season, opus meaning work, usually of art. In fact, you could say that this football season, just wrapped up with all its unpredictability, was the LSU Tiger football program's opus magnum, meaning the best or most renowned of a work of art. And we think it will be remembered that way for a long time to come. Young men who played their last game at LSU Monday night have grown and changed in this season.

When they walked away from the LSU gridiron for the last time, they took with them something we can only believe Coach Les Miles brought to the game; a bit of class and style, and the art of winning. That's how they played on Monday night. They gave us a grand show and a grand reason to be proud of these players and their coaches.

We wish these young men, these seniors, the very best as they pursue their dreams. And we wish Coach Les Miles and the entire LSU football program continued success as he looks for the recruits he will need to fill some mighty big shoes. Go Tigers.