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For over 60 years, BREC has built parks for the communities of East Baton Rouge parish.  In 2003, an impressive effort was begun by the Parks and Recreation Commission to bring greater quality to the park system and develop outstanding destinations for all of our citizens.

Now, the goals set in BREC's comprehensive planning process - the "Imagine Your Parks Plan" - are coming to life across the parish, showcased in an innovative park design concept.

Development of The Community Park, featuring a dedicated staff that is committed to providing enjoyment for you and your family, is most notable among BREC's objectives.  Up-graded infrastructure, outstanding maintenance, and enhanced safety and security are key elements in establishing Community Parks that will help BREC meet public expectations.

Recently rededicated, Anna T. Jordan, the fore-runner of 12 new Community Parks, sets the stage for the future of our city.  A visit to this urban oasis provides an excellent example of the carefully planned improvements, and conscientious attention to important details that will continue to make BREC's parks and recreation programs enviable enhancements to the quality of  life in East Baton Rouge Parish.

BREC is committed to building parks you can be proud of.  We're Building A Brighter Future for Louisiana at BREC and WAFB Channel 9.

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