April 25, 2002 - Train Station Thursdays

Looking for something to do on a Thursday night? Every week they are dancing in the street at Denham Springs. The sun goes down, The tide goes out. The people gather round, And they all begin to shout. Say, Uncle Fudd, It's a treat to beat your feet on -- The main street of Denham Springs!

So it doesn't rhyme! It catches the spirit of the thing. It's called Train Station Thursdays. Every week they block off the street in front of the city's historic train station, get a band, and put on an old time block party.

The Thursday night street dance may feature punk rock one week and boot-scootin' country the next week. Richard Barksdale's Country Styles band is one of the most popular attractions at Train Station Thursdays. Richard says, "I love to see the kids here. You know, you don't have too many places where my kids can come and see Daddy sing."

Even more enthusiastic is one of the event's volunteer organizers, Rebecca Roberts. "To be honest with you, I don't go to sleep till one or two o'clock Thursday nights because I'm so fired up by all the people who are out here. Knowing that people are so happy out here just makes my whole night."

From Maw-Maw to mosh pit -- they meet at Train Station Thursday. The music starts at 7:30 every Thursday evening.